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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  November 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> this is it the fox reportment tonight under pressure to turn the lights back on for hundreds of thousands of storm weary people on the east coast. a major utility with a big announce it may not be what people want to hear. fall out bro growing after the head of the cia quit. yust before he was to testify on the terrorist attack on libya. shock and disbelief. turn to wide spread calls for answers especially about the timing . did general petraeus have another reason for quitting. if it was that serious wouldn't the director of the
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fbi would tell the president of the united states that he may be compromised. >> new details on the developing store store. an american family living in third world conditions after sandy. it is not even anger now. it is just broken people. people are being brokep. and our nation on the brink of massive tax hike. two leaders going head-to-head over how to deal with our debt and they need to get it done now. >> they are damaging our question. and start to solve the problem. we are serious about reducing the debt. the wealthy east americans
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stop the americans from going after the cliff. >> there is new reaction to the resignation of the cia. the timing of david petraeus's departure. it is a day after the four-star general ended his career . he quit because he had an extra marital affair and now we know more about the fbi investigation that led to the discovery of the woman he was with. we reported that she is biographer paula broadwell. during that process her name came up. and all of this information coming to light on just days before the hearing on benghazi, libya terrorist attack. former cia director david
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petraeus was set to testify. now he has not on the list. it has law makers questioning. peter king said testimony from petraeus is essential to understanding what went wrong in benghazi. he was on fox news earlier today. >> i was not told and the chairman of the intelligence committee was supposed to be told. my understanding they were not told about it and the fib fub said it didn't involve terrorism or intelligence. >> and molly what was the fbi looking at. >> harris, the fbi discovered the bigrapy paula broadwell had acess to the personal e-mail account and they
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monitored his e-mail although he was not under investigation . but the agents were scured of a security breach or broadwell was stalking nem and after that they discovered the affair. >> petraeus stepped down and senator fine stine is not happy about it she said this is an enormous loss for our country and intelligence community. i wish president obama had not accepted this resignation but i understand and respect the decision . as for the decision that unearthed the affair. agents didn't find evidence of criminal activity. we want to update you on something that is breaking tonight. flash point of law makers. chair and ranking members were not informed of the fbi probe which apparently they are supposed to be if it involves a senior administration
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official. we heard from a senior staffer who told fox news that chairman mike rogers was briefs and rogers had serious questions and concerns about the circumstances surrounding it manage that we are keeping an eye on. we don't know who knew what and when and questions of having to do the investigation on september 11 and the attack on benghazi. they are looking to see if david petraeus will sit and talk with law makers any possibility of that? >> not this week. but those on capitol hill are making it clear they want to hear from the general in the future. >> i hope we have to subpeona the four star and former cia director. if he won't comcolhe will be
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subpeona. >> he previously told law makers that the benghazi attack was over a protest to a movie against islam. they want to know why petraeus said that initial low. petraeus has been married to his wife holly since 1964, he said the affair was unacceptable and showed poor judgment. >> molly with praking news. and thank you very much. >> and you know, we have talked about the great loss it would be to lose the head of the cia and this particular person. we'll want background now on the distingished career of david petraeus. you just heard molly say he married holly nolton two months later and she was the daughter of superintendent of west point. he moved nup the ranks to
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eventually lead them in the start of the war and promoted to a three star general. petraeus was tapped to head the u.s. forces in 2007 and earned his fourth star at that point and widely credited with saving the country from civil war by orchef traiting a surge in the troops. he was pointed commander of the u.s. central command and over seeing all operations including afghanistan and. petraeus underwent successful treatment for prostate cancer and became the top commander of afghanistan. and he retired and appointed cia director we are going to hear more about the fbi investigation that led up to petraeus quitting. ron cessler is on the store tore and he knows general petraeus very well and has
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uncovered details about the timing of all of this. he will join me live coming up inside of the fox report. >> right now, a major utility company on the east coast feeling intense pressure and from all the way from the customers to the governor. what does it take to get the lights turned back on. long island power authority said 99 percent of the people living there will have their power turped on and 53 percent of all customers have electricity. but that is just part of the store store though. it was two weeks since super storm hit. half million of the poem in the region don't have power. after sandy, a nor'easter blue through and dumping a foot of snow. and the pictures are heartbreaking and the miles
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and miles of disruption. and homes are destroid and you know all of this and hard to believe how slowly the recover is for some people that is sea side heights new jersey and popular amusement park washed away and taking a tentative first step and the very first time since they had to evacuate. >> it is sad for the town and we'll rebuild i am sure. >> this is the first. it is very, very emotional and i raised my children here and i held on, and i held on all of this time my friends are alive and my neighbors are alive and we'll get it done. adding to the misery and frustration. they feel like the government is arriving too slowly and
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that is in staten island and at this hour live. >> the staten island community has lost 24 people in super storm sandy. another body was found in the home. behind me one of the debris dumping station and the residents here this is it life as they know it crushed in a million pieces. they are trying to safe their lives. it is young people and other people that passed away. ther just swimming buddies. and it not a safe area to stay in. >> she owns one much hundreds of homes on staten island meaning red tagged and she is
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not allowed to step inside destroid to the point it is a safety hazard. 4,000 have significant damage and volunteer groups are leaving a large footprint and make shift donation are popping up. vol tierce are plugging the holes and critics and red cross are forgetting to fill. i heard them with two little kids and a two year old and four year old and i couldn't stay at home any we put a bag of sandwiches together and packages of water and went out to the computer and we helped. new york fema said 162,000 applications came in and 260 and 276 million dollars in the hands of new yorkers. and they are in place and they say more are coming with food and water and blankets and
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information. a lot of people here feel desperate. it is two weeks. do you think there is anything you could have done better? i will focus on what i do today and get done over the next couplev weeks. reminiscent of the 1970s and gas rationing and they seem to be helping in the hours and long lines and audeven calendar was put in place yesterday. they are trying to help get the word out for storm ravaged victims. janet apolitano. and that is expected to be here on thursday, harris. >> i am going to ask them to leave the number up while we finish talking for a second. do they have enough of what they need out you are talk
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being the disaster trailers. is it enough. we spoke to an assembly woman earlier one thing they need is a blanket to keep them warm. temperatures went up today but it is still chilly out here and people are concerned about looting and don't want to leave their homes, harris. this is hard to watch. thank you very much. >> this coming in to fox news. a dangerous storm system taking shape on the west coast. maria molina is live watching it she will join it with details, coming yup what was in the e-mails that led to the scandal of david petraeus. what about the timing of all of this. just days before petraeus was suppose tod testify about benghazi and the lethal hit on
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>> wree are track a powerful storm in the west expecting blizzard conditions in the rockies coming up behind the storm is it a blast of the artic air that bring plunging temperatures this is not uncharacteristic this time much year am. it may feel early and we are looking at severe weather more of what we see in the spring time in the portions of the plains. it is in the rockies and it is the same system that is responsible for walmart temperatures in the northeast. and there is a big drop in temperatures as it pushes east ward and snow in the rockies
4:18 pm
and north and south dakota and accumulation in the western nebraska. and thoughts can put up and across the rockies and north dakota. ahead of the system and things are pumping up the warmer air and when it crashes in and we get a severe weather threat. we have severe weather threat in parts of nebraska and kansas and that goes in affect eastern time temperatures right now are ahead of it and 70s in texas right now 19 trerks currently in rapid city. and that is in portions of the northern midwest. and temperature high temperatures and 40 degrees in minneapolis and still in the 70s. in texas. this is producing risk in parts of texas and image gusts
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and tornados are're possible. we have another risk for severe storms . it is moving on with the presidential election behind us. our nation's leaders are getting back. it is it a fiscal cliff. it is it a term you are hearing a lot over the coming weeks. it is a combination of inspiring bush tax cuts and major spending cuts add it all up and there is it a threat that millions of jobs can be lost. and some people warn our nation is pushed in another recession and the changes kick in on the first and law don't reach a deal and insisting raising tax rates and would
4:20 pm
destroy jobs in america. we should be part of the fiscal cliff and allowing the top two rates to rise. it is more for the federal government. here is the problem with that raising the rates would occurring to the independent rate destroy american jobs. because many of those hit are business owners. they were the key to yob creation in america. >> president obama is open to compromise but will not accept a plan that does not ask the wealthy pay taxes. it is the cut off point and pointing to the reelection and the majority of the americans agree with him. >> i am open to compromise and new ideas. i refuse to accept an approach that is not balanced.
4:21 pm
i will not ask students or seniors to pay down the entire deficit. people who are making over $2ep i, are not asked to pay a dime more in taxes. on tuesday, the majority of the americans agree with my approachment independents and republicans and democrats. >> president obama is expect tod meet with congressional leaders next week. we'll be right back. . where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ]
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>> we know the winner of florida four days after the presidential election. the 29 electorial votes will go to president obama and the president had 50 percent of the vote to governor mitt romney's 41 percent. and the win making the final
4:25 pm
vote tally. 301 to 206. it was so close in the voting that stretched in the evening. miami-dade county so many people were in line 7:00 p.m. some did not vote until after midnight. we reported in the top of the newscast. 99 percent of the customers on new york's long island will have the power back by tuesday according to lipa. and the head of the power company said crews are continuing to make progress. new video coming in to fox reportment protestors demonstrating along the long island power authority vowing to stay strong. >> we will rebuild and be stronger and our kids will be so much better for seeing us as a community coming together and i just want to thank you call very much .
4:26 pm
that's the sort of the thing that you might have seen or think you would have seen a week ago. we are so many more days boo it now. people are living without power. no one doubts the task. but it is days since sandy hit and many places look like a disaster. despite the promises, people are asking why they are still in the dark and without heat. peter doocy had more. >> it was a storm everyone knew was coming. the longest power company. long island power authority is blamed for poor preparation. i don't believe it was adequate or design. i think it is a system design and performance and fact that the utilities are a monopoly. >> government-owned lipa asked
4:27 pm
other utility companies for 700 workers to restore power. they ended up needing 10,000. and they said last night they are doing well . >> we are progressing very well based on the unprecedented damage of the storm. >> i am comfortable with how we performed . >> not comfortable with their performance is congressman peter king who wrote a letter to president obama saying i urge you to personally intervene to assure all assets are deployed to the region. they want the army corp of engineers dispatch tod long island. it is time for them to come to new york and finish the job the utility company hasn't been able to. >> a huge scandal in a major
4:28 pm
news organization . a program falsely accused a man of a horrendous crime soy many unanswered questions of what happened on 9/11 this year on libya and the night we lost four americans to terrorism and one of the key figures in the investigation who may have vital knowledge has resigned. rod cessler joins us with what it all means . maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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>> i am harris faulkner and time now for the top of the news. sudden end to the career of general david petraeus and the whole new questions about the timing. the retired four star general admitting an affair. all of this happening as the administration trying to defend thes in the terrorist attack that killed four americans in benghazi. hearings are set to take place on capitol hill next week and petraeus was supposed to testify and no longer supposed to do so. acting cia director morell will take questions in his place. >> jay carney pushed back on
4:33 pm
the allegation that the administration was not forth coming on the benghazi ahead specifically september 11 at the white house as the chairman met with the defense secretary and joint chief. >> the president was made aware of the dev am not what yor question is. carny pointed the public time line from the defense department and laid out a military reponce and similar briefing on the cia's response. next week briefings are scheduled under patrick kennedy who is charged with overseeing staff prages and eric bozwell who is charged with diplomatec security the administration emphasizes the public's right to know unfolded in benghazi, all next week's sessions will be closed
4:34 pm
but one. >> my understanding they wanted to have a conversation that incorporated classified information and intelligence recordings. >> some classified documents made available by the state department in a classified meeting room on capitol hill. the documents were not remarkable but wants more clarity from the hearings. >> why want to understand what was happening then and was there a failure in the intelligence area. i had conversations with petraeus and people are fairly upset and you know, the misleading comments that were made. >> law makers were flabbergasted at the resignation and questioned whether they may be able to call or subpeona petraeus to testify now that he is a private citizen. >> let's bring in ron cessler for news max and author of numerous books calmed in the
4:35 pm
president's secret service and secrets of the fbi and uncovered new details about the timing of the petraeus announcement. i want everybody to know you have source necessary the fbi and you know petraeus. what have you learned about why he chose now to come forward about a extra marital affair. >> the fbi was involved in this to begin with and there are several cover ups going on. one is the claim that president obama was not informed about what was going on with the fbi investigation of petraeus until after the elections. you don't have to take my word for it even though i brokelet secret service scandal and one of my books led to the dismissal of williams sessions as fbi director. is there any way in the world that the fbi launching a investigation . cipe sigh director would not tell the president. if they didn't tell the
4:36 pm
president that would be a scandal second cover up is the claim and the fact that the fbi was told by the white house to hold off on doing anything until after the election. i was told about this from sources in early october and told that fbi agents were outraged about this and petraeus would not be asked to resign until after the election. >> is that coming out widely. you say your sources. >> yeah, this is it something that you know, if a hearing is it held, the agents can be called. this can be documented. and the third cover up, is all of this misinformation in the press about what happened. i happened to know that some of that comes from lies of petraeus himself who is in touch with people in the press. >> i want to slow you down there, ron. you are throwing out accusations and i want people
4:37 pm
to understand where you are getting your information you know general petraeus. and a people have affairs. it is it awful but can you talk about what was so serious that he had to quit? >> anybody with security clearance and particularly top secret clearance and cia director who knows more secrets in the government is obligated under government regulations not to place himself in a compromising position which is what he . he could be black mail foreign intelligence service could have compromised him with the knowledge that this affair was going on. and the fbi allowed him to continue in office even though he was in a compromised position on the orders of the white house until after the election. obama did not want to be embarrassed by the disclosure that he appointed petraeus had so much bad judgment he sent more than a thousand e-mails
4:38 pm
to the woman after she broke up with him trying to get her back. that is it certainly harassment and it conflicts with store stores in the press that she was a bad person and that she sent threatening letters and e-mails to the cia and that's how the investigation came about. that is not true. and the next store store that broke the fact that the fbi was on this, said that it started in a strange way, the fbi came across e-mails on his military e-mail account in which he referred to doing something under the desk and there a misinterpation that that meant corruption and manage going onurped the table and it meant sex. >> i think we can probably figure out what it meant and you mentioned a fact that there thousands of e-mails and details we didn't know. you hit on manage congressman peter king and head of the
4:39 pm
house of the homeland security committee. how could the white house not know about all of this. listen to this and get your reaction . >> if the fbi is it survealing the head of the cia. what was there that warranted it extended so long. if it was not criminal what right and if it was that serious wouldn't the director of the fbi told the united states that the cia director may be compromised. i can't believe no one knew about it either the white house or the president himself . >> with a couple of more questions for you. first much all, what does this mean for the white house? bottom line. >> if not for -- they will be on obama and on the scandal and cover up. because it is obvious. obvious, can anybody possibly believe that the fbi told
4:40 pm
obama about this after the electionine though they started the investigation last pring? what would the motive of cover up be? >> he wanted to be relected and he didn't want a distraction or embarrass he didn't want to take chances and petraeus stayed in this position even though in a compromised situation for several months and without being asked to resign. >> my last question for you, ron has to do with telegratching what is coming now. it is it convenient timing that the central figure in the investigation of what happened in benghazi, libya is no longer on the witness list. could that change? i know you talked with the and any reason to think that that will change? >> it has nothing to do with bing beng except he was distracted by this investigation and yet he was supposed to be in charge of
4:41 pm
gathering intelligence on what happened in benghazi and what he said conflicted with what the state department knew at the time. there are so many store stores out there. and the real store stores is basod insider information and i anyhow about it early october and i broke the store store that the fbi was involved and you can bank on it >> ron cessler with news max. you are broken a lot of the store stores and we hope that you keep in contact with us as you rack up the facts on this one. thank you for being here tonight. we'll learn more about general petraeus's resignation and what it means for the attack. chair woman diane feinstein joining chris wallace. this is an exclusive tomorrow morning. she is a democrat from california who talked about
4:42 pm
the upcoming libya hearings and petraeus' resignation. you can bet chris will ask her if he will be put back on the witness list. >> a false report forcing the head of the british broadcasting to step down. he resigned over a tv program that the bbc air thad wrongly implicated a british politician in a child abuse scandal. the politician denied the accusations and theretened to sue. the accusers said he was mistaken about his alleged abuser identity. etwhistle said stepping down is the honorable thing to do. >> tonight. helping our heros tackle the war injuries. >> and how getting in the water and swimming with the dolphins is it making a difference.
4:43 pm
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>> a small earthquake hits the united states in a place that is not used to having them. it measured 4.3. and tep miles west of whites burg. no reports of injury or damage. earthquakes in the coal mining region are rare. an out of control driver crashes in a house. it is our top store store in america. california. it looked like nothing could stop the chamber of commerce binds. no one was inside of the home. witnesses say a teenage girl was driving and going 80 miles per hour. >> she just took off in front of us and it looked off a
4:47 pm
movie. >> first responders pulling the injured responders to the car and her uncle said she crashed because the car's accelerator got stuck. >> a man accused of making phonophone calls to 911. 3600 times. he is calling and hanging up. we recalled the number and he doesn't answer. bogus calls started a year ago and this year he used his phone to call the emergency number 59 time necessary two days. >> we asked if he had an emergency situation and denied and came up to the excuse and said it was broken. >> he's now facing a year in jail. >> back to california. first of its kind therapy for
4:48 pm
veterans struggling with stress disorderers. criming with dolphins. idea coming from an 90 year old volunteer who wanted to give back to those fighting in iraq and afghanistan. people need help. we have to help them. >> one veteran said it is working. positive environment it helps out so much and fills so many holes we have in yourself -- ourselves. >> the marines celebrating on fox news. baseball hall of famer who walked away twice to serve his country in war time. you will meet him next . diagram
4:49 pm
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>> >> a very special day for a few proud men. u.s. marines celebrating the 237th birthday and "fox and friends" held a cake-cutting ceremony and first piece to the oldest marine and second to the youngest. that marks the marking of wisdom. >> who is that? that is mr. toledo. mr. toledo is bill toledo and a man larger than life. a navahocode talker who served in the island of hirojima and
4:53 pm
has a lot of knowledge to pass along . >> jerry coalman baseball hall of famer and still he said he is no hero . adam housely has the store store. >> he digs in deeper and keeps on swinging. >> from the in-field to the battle field. he's served his team and country and don't call him a hero . >> a lot of people say you are a hero . you know the heros are the ones who didn't get back. i have fleppeds who didn't get back. >> twice he walked away to fight along side those friend serving with distinction with world war ii and korea. and kohlmann refers to the only leaguer who saw combat duty in two wars. piloting a dive bomber and earning him 13 air medals and
4:54 pm
two flying crosses . >> i think your country is one of the dom factor necessary your life especially in the united states. if you haven't been out in the world and seen other thingings, you don't know what up are talk being. when you see that you realize that is a great counselry. >> and kevin also was playing for the new york yankees and kohlmann won rokey of the - rookie of the year and took home foreseries title. he called games for the padres and the team has a statu in his honor and an exhibit recognizing ball players that served. >> at 88 years young and 10 years being inducted in the baseball hall of fame as a broadcaster. you can find him in the booth calling games the same age
4:55 pm
jerry was. >> and it is special to have a person with american history and baseball history in our locker room and a true hero in my eyes and especially to getet privilege to sit down behind me and sharing in his journey and his life experiences. >> he is a walking history lesson and he never pushes it on anyone. he's wit yesharp still and has jokes and tries to deflect attention to himself we keep digging at him to get the store stores and flying airplanes. store stores which don't define his life. >> and to me the important thing you have is the people who love you in your count reap in my opinion. >> in san diego. adam houseley fox news. >> it is nice to find a silver lining if you will in store stores that sometimes seem like they don't have one. >> this man dropped everything in chicago and traveled to the
4:56 pm
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>> here it is. a ray of sunshine this hour . some people might suggest good karma helped a chicago man hit the jackpot. he went to new jersey to help in the after math and returned home 100,000 richer after buying a lottery ticket the owner of a water removal business cleaned up homes flooded by the storm. turner stayed in new jersey to finish the work even after winning. before we go tonight. new questions following the resignation of general petraeus. he said he quit because he had an affair and the fbi found out about it the white house said they didn't know the fbi was investigating petraeus.


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